Raised to the power of Mirman

Articulate clear objectives and implement strategies to ensure an inclusive, equitable, diverse, vibrant, and connected community of learners, families, alumni, faculty, and staff.


1. To prepare our students to succeed and thrive in an increasingly diverse and complex society.
2. To demonstrate that Mirman’s institutional commitment to racial/ethnic and SES (socio-economic status) diversity is essential to a vibrant educational process.
3. To ensure an inclusive school culture and climate that fosters a safe learning environment for students to explore, take risks, and be civically engaged both locally and globally.

Action Steps

1. Recruit a diverse population of educators, students, and trustees, which includes increasing Latinx and black/African American representation and enhancing SES diversity.
2. Train all Mirman constituents in cross-cultural effectiveness skills through new models of communication, interaction, and identity development.
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