faculty and staff
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Continue to recruit, recognize, develop, and retain a highly qualified and diverse faculty and staff.


1. To empower our staff to advance their praxis and the mission of the school.
2. To provide our students with role models who reflect our core values and our diversity of thought, experiences, and identities.
3. To attract and retain highly qualified faculty, staff, and administrators from a broader demographic and geographic range.
4. To grow and sustain institutional stability in our professional community as a whole.

Action Steps

1. Provide ongoing professional development that focuses on gifted pedagogy, social-emotional learning techniques, cultural competency, and the development of an anti-bias curriculum.
2. Build a professional growth plan that provides tiered benchmarks to allow additional opportunities for upward growth, rewards, and recognition for faculty and staff.
3. Formalize hiring practices with a focus on teacher excellence, institutional fit, core values, and increasing diversity. This also includes formalizing job expectations and onboarding initiatives for all positions.
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