Raised to the power of Mirman

Commit to a vigorous fiscal strategy and comprehensive fundraising plan.


1. To ensure the school’s financial independence, sustainability, and growth.
2. To ensure Mirman is accessible and affordable to Mirman families across a wide swath of SES diversity.
3. To support the enhancement of new and innovative curricular programs and facilities.

Action Steps

1. Ensure that Finance and Advancement initiatives follow current best practices and are designed to directly support the strategic objectives and vision of Board governance and the Head of School.
2. Identify strategies focused on endowment growth, as part of comprehensive financial and fundraising plans.
3. Launch a public capital campaign to fund a campus improvement project.
4. Explore new and improve existing alternative revenue streams and fundraising opportunities.
5. Research and analyze various tuition and financial aid models, and propose recommendations that espouse Mirman’s inclusivity statement and commitment to SES diversity.
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