Raised to the power of Mirman

Develop strategies to ensure we live and communicate our mission and philosophy.


1. To ensure that our school best serves the needs and potential of our highly gifted students.
2. To ensure that we fully and broadly communicate Mirman’s institutional identity and impact to both internal and external constituents.
3. To more effectively engage prospective families who may face obstacles in their quest to access gifted education.
4. To enhance understanding of gifted education through a cultural competency and equity lens.

Action Steps

1. Ensure the congruity of our educational practices with our mission.
2. Establish ourselves as a thought leader and resource in gifted education through on-campus programming, teacher training, partnerships with other gifted education leaders, and delivery of curated and original digital content.
3. Evaluate contemporary best practices in gifted identification and propose recommendations to the admissions process.
4. Communicate more frequently and strategically to both internal and external constituents on how Mirman lives its mission, educational philosophy, inclusivity statement, and core values.
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