Raised to the power of Mirman

Develop and deliver an inspirational, innovative, and integrated curriculum for highly gifted students.


1. To ensure instructional practices are aligned with contemporary best practices for highly gifted students.
2. To inspire students to value discovery as an essential factor in lifelong learning.
3. To empower students to discover and channel their unique talents to positively impact the larger community.
4. To integrate and advance a multicultural, anti-bias curriculum that reflects all dimensions of diversity and connects Mirman’s community of educators and learners.

Action Steps

1. Continue implementation of a challenging thematic and integrated curriculum.
2. Develop a comprehensive, integrated, and developmentally appropriate socialemotional K-8 curriculum.
3. Integrate core values with curricular goals and Mirman’s school culture.
4. Create mission-driven signature programs and curricular experiences that promote creative, collaborative, and critical thinking skills that allow students to explore their passions and talents.
5. Develop and implement initiatives to increase student retention in the Upper School.
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