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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade is the culmination of a Mirman student’s experience in the Lower School. As the leaders of the Lower School, Fourth Graders begin to access additional privileges and leadership opportunities. They can now participate in competitive athletics in a variety of team and individual sports, perform onstage in a fully-realized play open to their friends and family, participate in Mirman’s entry-level choir, and more. Traditions such as a multi-night outdoor education excursion and a dedicated “stepping up” ceremony bookend this exciting year.

Fourth Grade Faculty

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  • Art

    In Fourth Grade, the young artist’s perspective deepens figuratively and literally. They will produce more intricate compositions with one-point and three-point perspective; further develop painting proficiency with new techniques; and build more complex clay objects. This class includes study of a variety of art objects and traditions from diverse cultures, such as Persian miniatures, abstract Cubist paintings, African three-dimensional masks, and Islamic geometric designs.
  • Humanities

    Through the integrated thematic lens of power, the language arts curriculum in Fourth Grade encourages the practice of purposeful writing that considers audience, topic, and voice. The notion of multiple perspectives is emphasized, both through reading and writing. Through creative writing, students advance their application of literary devices, while honing skills in character, plot, theme, and identity development. Using the Writing Workshop model, students engage the revision process individually and collaboratively with peers. Over the course of the year, students read a variety of genres and learn to analyze characters, recognize literary devices, appreciate plot developments, determine genre characteristics, and identify voice and perspectives.
    At this point in Fourth Grade library studies, students will add some considerable skills to their information literacy toolbox. They will leave Fourth Grade knowing how to display initiative by posing critical questions and investigations during research, and to demonstrate confidence and self-direction by making independent choices in the selection of resources and information.
    This will serve them particularly well in social studies, where they will examine the concepts of societies through units on immigration and the development of the US nation-state. Through an inclusive lens, students explore the complexities and past and present connections of our ever­-evolving country.
  • Innovation and Technology

    Now with several years of experience as makers, ideators, and innovators, Fourth Grade is the time for students to truly put their technological and creative prowess to work. There is an increased emphasis on scientific inquiry coupled with an increased independence in the use of prototyping tools (e.g. manual/power tools, 3D modeling). In the culmination of their technology and design thinking studies in Lower School, Fourth Grade students work in close collaboration with their specialist instructors to produce a dynamic capstone project.
  • Mathematics

    Students focus on developing fluency with fractional and decimal operations, extending division proficiency to 2-digit divisors, expanding place value understanding for decimals, and understanding volume. Regular assessments ensure that differentiated, small-group instruction is calibrated appropriately as students move through the curriculum.
  • Music

    All students in Fourth Grade participate in the Mustang Chorus, Mirman’s entry-level performance choir. The mission of Mirman School’s vocal music program is to expose every child to multiple aspects of choral music, enriching the school community with a healthy and vibrant artistic culture while striving for excellence in the development of musical gifts.
  • Physical Education

    In Fourth Grade, all students are eligible to participate in competitive athletics, and practice with their teams during class time. Students who do not elect to play on a specific team with a coach will still benefit equally from the instruction — both in the social-emotional and physical aspects of athletics — of their PE teachers. FitnessGram testing occurs both in the fall and spring.
  • Science

    Students in Fourth Grade refine their practice of the scientific method within a curriculum designed to solidify their knowledge base and skills within the life and physical sciences. Activities and experiments are designed to help students make connections and understand the essential concepts within the scientific disciplines and their real world applications. The focus of much of their study moves from the high-level view to the microscopic level, i.e. popular and engaging units like “grossology” (the study of microbiology) and sheep brain dissection.
  • Theatre

    In this dedicated improvisational performance skills class, students focus on spontaneously reacting to words, sounds, and environments. Students engage in unfamiliar contexts and imagined situations while learning improvisational tools. With the inclusion of short monologues, students begin to study and interpret dramatic texts. The year culminates with a performance of short plays, during which students collaborate with their peers to stage a fully-realized performance from beginning to end.
  • World Languages

    By Fourth Grade, students have become highly independent in their World Language learning process. They conduct interviews, perform research, record videos, work in groups, create multimedia presentations and more, all steeped in their language of choice. They work at their own pace, performing at a level which challenges them personally.
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