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Second Grade

By the time a student begins Second Grade at Mirman School, they are finding ever more outlets for expression of their gifts and talents. As studies and projects become more intricate, Second Graders also take on more responsibility and awareness of the surrounding Los Angeles community through service learning projects and building off-campus connections. An added bonus: in a universally beloved addition to their regularly scheduled programming, Second Graders begin their work in the acclaimed Mirman Theatre program. 

Second Grade Faculty

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    D├ímaris Zuloaga 

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    Kevin Lynch 

    Second Grade Teacher
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    Catherine Yoon 

    Second Grade Teacher
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    Brenden McKiernan 

    Second Grade Associate Teacher

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  • Arts

    Artists in Second Grade will add depth and complexity to their work by learning to apply concepts of foreground/background, perspective, volume, and point of view. New drawing (shading) and painting (watercolor) techniques are added to their toolbox. Their work gains a third dimension with the introduction of architectural models, artistic lettering and embossing, and weaving.
  • Humanities

    Through the integrated thematic lens of origins, language arts curriculum shifts from learning to read to reading to learn. Students engage in reading, discussion, and writing about texts across genres and perspectives to improve reading comprehension through differentiated reading groups. Writing expectations expand as well as they practice writing for sustained periods of time and incorporate figurative language, character development, dialogue, and expository writing.
    Meanwhile, in their library time, students advance information literacy skills with the catalog and become familiar with print and digital reference materials. They will also sharpen research skills and citations using reference books, subject books, and databases, employing note-taking and organizational strategies along the way.
    Their understanding and management of multiple perspectives is crucial as they grapple with big questions in social studies: "Where do we come from?” and “Where are we going?” Students focus on the relationship between geography, economics, and history of the indigenous peoples and communities that have shaped Los Angeles. Students will then examine their own community connections and culture within this sprawling metropolis.
  • Innovation and Technology

    Innovation and STEAM offerings in Second Grade ask students to work towards independence through problem-solving. Units introduce more advanced functions, i.e. computational thinking, coding, and robotics. Creative digital arts and self-expression are emphasized as students are encouraged to make personal connections to classroom topics. Students work towards independence through problem-solving and selecting appropriate tools.
  • Mathematics

    Students focus on developing an understanding of multiplication, division, and fractions, describing and analyzing specific properties of polygons and area. Regular assessments ensure that differentiated, small-group instruction is calibrated appropriately as students move through the curriculum.
  • Music

    Second Graders improve solfege singing, singing in unison, solo singing and rounds to perform beautiful music. Classe time features dance and creative movement inspired by visual arts, folk, classical, and popular music. Students study more complex rhythms, expand their vocal range, and explore lyrical and musical meaning of songs from different cultures while investigating their connection to themes of inclusivity and equity.
  • Physical Education

    PE in Second Grade follows FitnessGram Standards. Students experience dynamic warm-ups to help them to improve on their fitness skills. Beyond the individual level, students will work in pairs to learn to appreciate differences in others. The introduction of various sports-related skills allows students to gain a taste for their own abilities and preferences without the pressure of early specialization.
  • Science

    Through an integrated lens covering physical, life, Earth, and Space sciences, students in Second Grade understand topics through a hands-on and inquiry-based approach concerning concepts like forces and interactions, ecosystems, life cycles and traits, weather and climate, and engineering design. This course requires students to conduct short research projects, take brief notes, and display data.
  • Theatre

    This first theatre course enables students to develop performance skills through self-expression and play-acting. In this introductory drama course, students use movement and improvisation to create imaginary objects and worlds. In this framework of creativity and risk-taking, students understand that there are no “right” or “wrong” answers within their games and activities.
  • World Languages

    Now in their second year of specialization in either Mandarin or Spanish, students are building quite a vocabulary in their chosen track. Students begin to explore authentic materials, texts, and videos through which these languages are applied in unfamiliar places, broadening their experience and understanding of the cultures and places where these languages are spoken.
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