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Mirman School recognizes that its youngest students — with all their burgeoning interests and abilities — need a safe and engaging environment in which they can be kids. A Kindergartener’s natural penchant for curiosity, questioning, exploration, and whimsy are some of the key characteristics of any gifted child, and those qualities are nurtured and developed throughout a child’s first year at Mirman. Although parents can expect their child to be appropriately challenged in the classroom, Mirman’s approach is attuned to both the need for stimulating academics and the complex social-emotional facets of development during this exciting time in a child’s life.

Kindergarten Faculty

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  • Photo of Jocelyn Lopez

    Jocelyn Lopez 

    Kindergarten Teacher
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    Katy Carroll 

    Kindergarten Teacher
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    Jacqueline Gottlieb 

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    Imani Jackson 

    Kindergarten Associate Teacher

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  • Art

    Kindergarten is a year for exploring the fundamentals of art and reinforcing the joy of creating. Introducing students to a variety of tools and media, these young artists will build foundational skills in working with paper, paint, pencil, and clay, along with developing understanding of colors, tints, and shades.
  • Humanities

    Students enter Kindergarten with a broad spectrum of language arts and reading skills. Through the integrated thematic lens of community, a balanced literacy approach includes components such as guided reading, reading aloud, guided writing and independent writing. Utilizing the Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop model, teachers differentiate and meet and challenge students accordingly.
    As they learn to decode and construct words and writing in the classroom, students further develop familiarity with the humanities through opportunities to explore Mirman’s digital and analog libraries. Guided by the Library and Media Specialist, students are introduced to how resources are organized in the library, build information literacy skills, and make connections to multiple perspectives through diverse reading and guided discussion.
    The contemplation of multiple perspectives and community connections are further emphasized through explorations in social studies, where students begin to understand their own personal and extended communities. Research, geography, and map skills are brought to bear when learning about historical context, cultural competency, and the interdependent nature of our world.
  • Innovation and Technology

    In keeping with Mirman’s mission, Kindergarteners are exposed to foundational concepts in technology on a daily basis, with basic technology usage (care, upkeep, organization, touch typing, apps, etc.) being integrated into their daily classroom life. Students will also explore digital photography and animation as well as robotics programming, early coding concepts, creative tinkering and building, and more.
  • Mathematics

    Students focus on addition and subtraction; whole number relationships; place value; the introduction of measurement; and reasoning with shapes, time, and money. Regular assessments ensure that differentiated, small-group instruction is calibrated appropriately as students move through the curriculum.
  • Physical Education

    The Mirman PE department guides students toward physical fitness, provides an experience tailored to each student's respective abilities, and advocates the development of social-emotional skills. In accordance with Shape National Standards, students participate in units including sportsmanship, coordinated movement, spatial awareness, locomotor skills, and body awareness through game play and fitness instruction.
  • Science

    Science in Kindergarten focuses on exploring integrated physical, life, Earth, and space sciences. Students are introduced to the process and practice of scientific inquiry. Students will investigate concepts including forces of push and pull, the interdependence of animals, plants and their environment, growth and development of organisms, and weather and climate (including natural disasters) through hands-on experiments.
  • World Languages

    As a student progresses through their Mirman education, they can choose to specialize in either a Mandarin or Spanish language track. In Kindergarten, students are exposed to both languages three times a week during their six-day rotation. Students learn in an active, playful environment. Curriculum is based on concepts our students find familiar — themselves, their families, common places, and situations. They listen to short stories, sing, engage in short dialogues, and play games to learn new vocabulary.
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Non-discrimination Policy

Mirman School is committed to building and sustaining a community
that is free from discrimination of any kind. Mirman School does not
discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender
expression, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin in its admission
process or in the administration of any school program or policy.
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