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Raised to the power of Mirman

Raised to the power of Mirman


MirmanX is a middle school startup accelerator that encourages Upper School students to tackle moonshot projects that have the potential to help a community in some meaningful, tangible way.

Mirman School provides the material resources and professional guidance to support an idea from genesis to market, and our students have an opportunity to truly innovate by thinking big and doing amazing things!

Students retain 100% of their intellectual property and project funding is fully derived through donations to Mirman School.

Winners of MirmanX: Year 3 will be announced the last week of November, 2017. Stay tuned for more news!

Learn more about the program from our MirmanX Presentation.

2016-2017 MirmanX Projects

Robo Rivals
Sheila G.'s project aims to improve the solo practice of aspiring soccer players. Two robots will track the player as she tries to score, attempting to defend the goal. This project will require complex engineering and robotics programming to succeed, representing a brand-new product in the athletics training market.

August D. wants to revolutionize extra math help with his new app. Using artificial intelligence and a little crowdsourced data, MathBird will provide helpful hints to math problems, instead of solving them outright like most apps do. This "coaching" approach would be a genuine innovation in educational software.

Safer Streets
Sophia S. wants to spread the word about distracted driving. From the unique perspective of a young passenger on LA's roads, Sophie wants to tell the story about texting-while-driving from the perspective of families who have been hurt, law enforcement, and others in a short (hopefully) viral YouTube documentary.

Update: Take a look at Sophia's finished product by clicking here!

2015-2016 MirmanX Projects


Team Leader: Ben Volokh

RecogWare is Ben's facial recognition software concept that will "assist those with dementia or Alzheimer's recognize people they have forgotten. RecogWare can be downloaded onto phones and cameras without needing a Google Glasses-like platform." Watch Ben's pitch to learn more!

The Brace

Team Leader: Sabina Yampolsky

Sabina's ambitious idea is to "make a more accurate and easier working tightening mechanism for a scoliosis brace, so that it can work more efficiently and require less people with scoliosis to have surgery." Watch Sabina's pitch to learn more!

A Different Pair of Eyes

Team Leaders: Turandot Shayegan and Mina Enayati-Uzeta

Turandot and Mina have suffered prejudice due to their Iranian heritage. Through their documentary film, A Different Pair of Eyes, the directors "want to show the world that Iranians can be judged as individuals, not just as a dangerous and terroristic community." Watch their pitch to learn more!