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Institutional Sustainability and Growth

Invest in and build financial, physical, and digital infrastructure related to program/curriculum, faculty/staff, and facilities/campus in order to provide a best-in-class Mirman education.

  1. Work with the PSL Executive Board to incorporate PSL into the school’s operations rather than a standalone entity so that PSL’s mission can be “fun” raising as well as the removal of barriers to entry for the entire Mirman community.

Program & Curriculum

  1. Explore all opportunities for economic support to develop the most sophisticated programs and curriculum that serve highly gifted learners and the faculty/staff that support them.

Faculty & Staff

  1. Implement compensation strategies that focus on pay equity and setting Faculty/Staff salaries at the 75th percentile or better per NAIS benchmarking.
  2. Increase Faculty retention by strategically finding more robust benefit plans that are best-in-class and nurture the professional culture and improve the employee lifecycle consistent with Mirman’s mission.

Financial Sustainability & Advancement

  1. Ensure that Finance and Advancement initiatives follow best practices and are designed to directly support the strategic objectives and vision of the Board of Trustees and Head of School.
  2. Fully implement the Flexible Tuition Program approved by the Board of Trustees in May, 2022 to move Mirman forward in its commitment to inclusivity and SES diversity.
  3. Identify strategies focused on endowment growth and planned giving as part of comprehensive financial and fundraising plans, including strengthening the connection with Mirman’s historical and prospective alumni base. 
  4. Strengthen our brand and marketing initiatives with a focus on our programs, mission, philosophy, and impact.
  5. Explore new and improve existing alternative revenue streams and fundraising opportunities.

Campus & Facilities

  1. Explore/develop opportunities for upgrading existing facilities, including but not limited to the building of our campus infrastructure.
  2. Update the Campus Master Plan to prioritize future capital expenditures and initiatives relative to Mirman’s physical assets.
  3. Explore opportunities for expanding and innovating our learning settings in flexible ways to increase access to the curriculum beyond existing facilities and communities.
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Non-discrimination Policy

Mirman School is committed to building and sustaining a community
that is free from discrimination of any kind. Mirman School does not
discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender
expression, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin in its admission
process or in the administration of any school program or policy.
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