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Integrated Gifted Curriculum

Continue to create a comprehensive gifted curriculum and culture that integrates SEL and DEIJ in ways that strengthen the Mirman School community’s education, belonging, health, and well-being through strong integrated academics.

  1. Continue the integration of core values with curricular goals while enhancing the connection between Mirman’s school culture and curriculum, including all students, parents, faculty, and staff.

Program & Curriculum
  1. Continue to define and implement best practices related to a rigorous thematic and integrated curriculum serving highly gifted students in alignment with NAGC recommendations.
  2. Develop, document, and distribute a clear and delineated curriculum map that ensures ongoing cohesion grade to grade, discipline to discipline, and division to division.
  3. Expand mission-driven signature programs and curricular experiences that promote creative, collaborative, and critical thinking skills, allow students to explore their passions and talents, and provide opportunities for student leadership and impact on and beyond the Mirman campus.
  4. Develop a comprehensive, integrated, and developmentally appropriate social-emotional K-8 curriculum for highly gifted students.
Faculty & Staff
  1. Provide ongoing professional development that focuses on gifted
    pedagogy, social-emotional learning techniques, cultural competency, and the development of an anti-bias curriculum.
  2. Build individual faculty/staff professional growth plans that provide tiered benchmarks to allow additional opportunities for upward growth, rewards, and recognition.
  3. Develop and implement a clearly delineated structure for performance reviews for all faculty and staff.
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Non-discrimination Policy

Mirman School is committed to building and sustaining a community
that is free from discrimination of any kind. Mirman School does not
discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender
expression, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin in its admission
process or in the administration of any school program or policy.
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