Several Mirman Faculty Present at California Association for the Gifted Conference

​Our stellar faculty and staff took the show on the road to share their passion and expertise in gifted education with fellow practitioners at the 2019 California Association for…
Faculty presented on the following topics:

Tessa McKeown, The Power of Choice: Using Menus to Differentiate Across Disciplines
Jeffery Flagg, Integration vs. Interdisciplinary: Which One Are You Doing and Are You Doing It Right?
Alyssa Wray, Implementing a Flipped Classroom Approach in Mathematics
Suzanna Zifkin and Lisa Barba, Revving-Up the Revolutionary War
Dan Gibbs and Stephanie Fiore, Teaching Social Justice and Activism Through Literature
Nathan Orr, Creating Enthusiasm in the Elementary Math Classroom
Dan Song, Bridging the Gap: from Lower to Higher Reading Skills in a Gifted World Language Class
Gian Molero, Redefining "Fun": Accelerating the Basics by Adding Depth and Complexity to Foundational Skills

As part of Mirman's philosophy on developing professionals in the field of gifted education, regular attendance at and thought leadership in these kind of national and regional conferences is always encouraged. Congratulations to our faculty and staff!
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