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Learning Center Project

For more than 50 years, Mirman School has provided an exceptional educational experience for highly gifted students aged 5 through 14. In order to maintain the continuity of its mission, and building on a successful campus expansion, the school's leadership has begun construction on the next iteration of Mirman School. 

In order to provide the most contemporary learning spaces serving the school’s unique learners, The Learning Center will add an additional 16,000 SF of education space to the school's existing 5.5 acre footprint on Mulholland Drive. The new building will be comprised of five new classrooms, a state-of-the-art STEAM laboratory, and an arts pavilion, which will feature a visual and performing arts studio. 

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  • Project Updates

    Week of 03/13/23 – 03/27/23
    Learning Center
    • Due to this week’s weather, the site utilities contractor will now begin the installation of the site irrigation system loop lines the week of 3/13.
    • The fire sprinkler contractor will conduct LAFD inspections the week of 3/13 for completed areas.
    • Pending good weather, the roofing contractor will resume the balance of the termination bars at the parapet cap on the building perimeter the week of 3/13.
    • The concrete contractor has begun digging foundations for the last planter wall section adjacent to the senior garden area and will resume at the completion of the storm the week of 3/13.  This scope will continue for the following 3 weeks.
    • The mechanical contractor is hanging overhead ductwork and setting mechanical units.  This will continue through the week of 3/20.
    • The electrical contractor is pulling wires to device, setting light fixture housings the week of 3/13 & 3/20.  Electrical switchgear should begin the week of 3/27.
    • The drywall subcontractor is on standby to resume exterior weather barrier and sheathing weather permitting.  They will also continue with interior drywall installation, laminating the underside of beams, and additional wall furring the week of 3/13 & 3/20.
    • The sheet metal contractor will mobilize to install the sill flashings and windowsill flashings the week of 3/13 weather permitting.
    • The window frame installation by the glazing contractor in scheduled to start immediately following the sheet metal contractor when they are able to complete.
  • FAQs

    How will the new buildings affect student enrollment? 
    Five new classrooms will give us the ability to add an additional section to each of our Lower School grades, expanding enrollment from 330 to 430, and lowering class size in this division. Upper School students will benefit from the addition of the new STEAM laboratory, and visual and performing art spaces in the Arts Pavilion.

    How will students be impacted by construction?
    Campus compression during major construction projects is unavoidable. We will do our best of course to minimize the inconvenience of construction on students and their families. Safety will be of paramount importance. The project includes mitigation measures to help address the usual by-products of construction including dust, debris, and noise. There will be construction barriers in place and re-routing of existing paths of travel around construction areas. We will communicate with the community in advance when we anticipate any construction related issues.

    Will the school work with neighbors to ensure that the surrounding community is not negatively impacted?
    Mirman School has been a proud member of the educational community and the Mulholland Drive neighborhood for more than five decades, and places tremendous value on the relationships and collaborations nurtured over the years. The school intends to honor these connections throughout the development phase of the project, and will work together with area stakeholders to achieve the best outcome for the community and for students.

    When will construction begin?
    Site preparation began on May 4, 2022. Construction will begin after our ceremonial groundbreaking on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. 

    How long will it take to construct the new buildings?
    We estimate construction will take approximately 15 months and anticipate completion by August 2023. 

    What will Mirman look like after the project is complete?
    The new centrally located building will serve as the heart of the campus. We have worked extensively with our architectural firm, Johnson Favaro, to ensure that the new building and surrounding spaces will both unify the look and feel of the campus as well as gracefully blend into our Santa Monica Mountains landscape. Please visit mirman.org/next to view actual renderings of the buildings. 

    How will you attract qualified teachers for the additional classrooms?
    Mirman is proud to attract and retain top quality educators by offering competitive salaries, professional in-service, continuing educational opportunities, and most importantly, a highly gifted, eager-to-learn student body. We believe that enhancements to the school’s physical campus will make the school even more appealing to the most inspiring, creative, and qualified teachers in the country.

Conceptual Renderings of Potential Plans

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For any questions related to the Learning Center Project, you may contact us by phone at 310-694-5926, via email at construction@mirman.org, or by filling out the form below. 

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